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M. Cole United States

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About me

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I love teaching. I spend most of my brain power thinking about teaching and how to make history more enjoyable for my students. After that I'm usually too tired for anything else but I love to sit back and watch a game or two, play yo


My itunes looks like it's suffering from multiple personality disorder.

Movies and TV:

I love historically based films, like those based on a true story (the Express). I thought Band of Brothers was one of the best mini series I've ever seen but in my spare time I like to watch Penguins of Madagascar. I think they're awesome.


I love football, especially college, and especially Rutgers. I'm trying to broaden my field view... but it's so hard!


I like to paint and draw at home. More recently I've taken up cake decorating... it's more fun to eat than paint. I think I'm pretty crafty.


Did I mention that I love history?